Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Want That!

Have you ever wanted something so so so bad? Have you ever wanted to get out of trouble so you tried to barter or make a deal with someone? Well, if you had lived in Egypt you most likely would have done this on a daily basis. To get a little you had to give a little. Trade took place along the lands the bordered Aegean, the Mediterranean, and the Red Seas. Now to get some, you may have obtained items such as silver, horses, cedar logs, ivory, leopard skins, gold, cattle,and spice. To give some you may have trade away items such as gold, other minerals, wheat, barley, papyrus sheets, and wine. Now you have all these excellent things to give and take but how to transport your good...? Hmm...? Well if you were going to transport these goods along the water you could have used reed boats. But, if you could get to the trading ground by land you could have hopped on your donkey or walked off a few pounds. Only the wealthy got special chairs and servants to carry them around on. Darn! So unfair that the average Egyptian actually had to work while the royals got life handed to them.

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